• "My teenage son developed intermittent back pain that gradually grew until it became a constant source of pain and discomfort to him. We consulted with his General Practitioner, who referred him for scans and a specialist consultation. After attending numerous doctors, including Neurosurgeons, Pain Management and Musculoskeletal specialists, it is fair to say the collective opinion was of a poor prognosis with ongoing pain and disability for the remainder of his life. My son naturally took this prognosis poorly and his mental health began to deteriorate as he made his way towards year 12 which was of serious concern to me as he is a boarder in Sydney and we were not always available to support him. In talking to a friend, she recommended Jeremy as a potential solution to Bens problems. From the first moment I spoke to Jeremy, he was confident in his ability to assist and he was right. From the first consultation, Jeremy set my Son's mind at ease that his condition could be managed and with regular exercises prescribed by him together with the occasional treatment he would live a full and active life. Jeremy was able to explain my son's condition in layman's terms that were easily understood and accepted by a Teenager and his parents. In pursuing Jeremy's treatment plan, my son has seen a significant improvement in his pain levels and as a result, his stress and anxiety levels have all but resolved. Any flare-ups are able to be resolved over usually one or two appointments to enable him to focus on his HSC and beyond. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jeremy's treatment for anyone who struggles with Musculo Skeletal pain, he quite literally changed my son's life." Thanks Jeremy. James
    James De Berg NSW
  • "I really wanted to touch base and thank you again for your quick fix of our little sprinter. After the ultrasounds and x-rays, we were told by our GP that the hamstring injury in a 9 year old was unusual and she recommended that he not run in the next athletics carnival so soon. We would not have guessed it all related to a tense shoulder and could be fixed in one treatment by you! We took it easy for a couple of days and then he was dying to run saying he felt so "free". As you know, he delivered on the day without even a niggle in his hamstring and will be competing in the NSW state championships in October. The injury is now forgotten. So thank you again". Phyllis Balmain NSW
    Phyllis Balmain NSW
  • I was in pain and exhausted after more than a year of suffering from lower back pain and left leg sciatica when entered Jeremy's practice. I could not roll in bed, get in or out of the car and had sciatica striking every time after laying down or after sitting. For seven months I could sleep in only one position, on side and with my legs straight. I went through physiotherapy that did not work. I saw many medical specialists. I received 6 cortisone injections in my hip and lower back. Finally 1 or 2 helped to ease the pain in the back but not in the leg. I was put on antidepressant (pain management practice) and it almost destroyed my heart. Despite a  lack of evidence on my MRI showing a pinched nerve I was asked to sign a consent form for an operation on the spine. Desperately searching the internet I came across SLM Yoga and Myotherapy. I started seeing Jeremy, originally every 1-2 weeks and after a couple of treatments I was pain free! I am still seeing Jeremy every 6-8 weeks now, by choice. It gives me confidence that my body will not get out of balance and cause pain so badly as before. Thank you so much Jeremy for giving me back my normal live.
    Zofia Hornsby NSW
  • "Just like to thank you for all the work you've done in helping get my body back "in balance". Even with my pre-existing injuries (going back many years), and a 'different from the norm' exercise regime, you've still managed to get results where others have failed. There are still some kinks to work through out but you've helped straighten most of me out in only a few sessions!"
    H Muecke Bondi NSW
  • "SLM therapy treatment with Jeremy has given me life literally! Before J eremy’s treatment I was constantly in pain in my lower back and neck; since I have started treatment it has kept me in balance, loose and free of pain. I regularly see Jeremy out of choice so that I can continue to feel this good and he helps make sure my bad habits are turned into good ones. The best thing I have done for my body and overall health is see Jeremy Lockhart for SLM treatment, the second best thing was to get a personal trainer (which Jeremy could recommend to work with my treatment)."
    M.Baker Lane Cove NSW
  • "After playing ten years of Professional Football in the United States my back and body have been in severe pain. A close friend of mine recommended me to Jeremy Lockhart and after six months of treatment, once a month, I can honestly say I have never felt better in my life. I can strongly recommend his treatment which is unique to anything that I have had before. There is nothing worse than starting the day with back pain and I thank Jeremy. Because every morning now I wake up pain free, Life is good, and Jeremy is a genius. ”
    Colin Scotts, former NFL Pro Footballer.
  • “Jeremy thanks for all your work and owning the hands that made it possible”.
    David Hoffman Australian Sabre Champion 2006.
  • "After spending over a week in hospital being unable to move due to my back, I was hesitant to let just anyone work on my back. Having never heard of myotherapy, I took my business associates very strong recommendation to see Jeremy, and his work has been outstanding. Within a reasonable period of time he expertly returned me to full strength. I find Jeremy very professional and his superior knowledge of the body and back related problems has been exceptional."
    Reika Roberts, Managing Director, Pier Auge Australia
  • "Being 6.6ft and 50 years, for the last 14 years I had chronic lower and upper back problems including a slipped disc. During these years I had many treatments but nothing did improve really. I love to be fit and like many kind of sports. Finally I looked up the internet where I read about REBALANCE. After a few treatments I just couldn't believe how Jeremys sessions improved my back. After many years I now can go to the gym again to regain my fitness level, I do lots of power walking and my favorite sport, sailing, without any problems. I visit REBALANCE continously every 4 weeks and Jeremy keeps me on top of my health. - Thank you so much for your great work."
    Ben, Drummoyne, Sydney
  • "A back injury I suffered moving house two years ago left me in constant pain, and eventually affected not only my back but also my shoulders and chest muscles. After 19 chiropractor and several physio sessions I gave up hoping that my back would ever feel good again. However, after only three sessions with Jeremy Lockhart, for the first time in two years I can lie down without feeling crooked, and am pain free. Amazing..."
    Penny Millburn, West Pymble, Sydney
  • "After a serious soccer accident and three months of physiotherepy I had a left shoulder that was causing me a lot of grief. Simple things like putting on a seat belt or a jacket were very painful and any form of exercise impossible. On top of the original injuries, a shoulder specialist diagnosed capsulitis (frozen shoulder) and told me it could take 18-36 months to correct. Then a friend recommended Jeremy Lockhart and so I started a short course of treatment. I noticed the steep change after the second treatment and then the recovery progressed quickly. After 5 or 6 visits I was able to do all the basics, swim breast stroke, have full range back in my shoulder and even lift my kids again. I recently water skied (haven't told Jeremy yet) which was a real test for the shoulder and it came through trumps. One other interesting benefit of the SLM (Myotherapy) treatment is that I started sleeping well. I had not been sleeping well for 2-3 years and suddenly after the second visit I started sleeping right through the night. Amazing! I can't recommend Jeremy and his Myotherapy technique strongly enough." Many thanks for your help last year, you really set me straight.
    James Wartho Lane Cove NSW
  • "I came to Jeremy as a last attempt to deal with a recurring injury in my lower legs that i had had for 18 months and no one could seem to diagnose or fix. After 1 session, I felt entirely different. I ran a half marathon after my second session, recovered better than I had before and now I’m feeling back to normal. The relief is incredible. Thank you Jeremy, for making things right again. I really do feel amazing Jeremy. I can’t believe that 2 sessions has put me right again. I ran this morning and I don’t have that aching pain in my legs I had for months. I was sprouting you to our running group this morning, believe me!"
    H.Barnes Inner West Sydney